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Our Story was conceived with the idea of providing better support and knowledge to the horse owner than what already exists in current internet pharmacies.  Most of the current internet pharmacies are geared to small animal medications or farm animals in general.  We are a website geared at supporting the medical needs or you horse horse, from the back yard companion to the upper level sport/show horse.  In addition, we are want to develop a website that not only provides the latest in medical/health products for the horse, but is a resource for information on the equine health conditions.  We will offer prescription medications, non-prescription medications, supplements and other medical/health products (such as boots and blankets) that will improve the performance and health of your  hard working horse.  Although there are plenty of options for purchasing medications over the internet, is the only one backed by experience and resources in providing proper consultation in treating your sport horse’s medical needs.

All other online corporate pharmacies are run by large conglomerate investors with a pharmacist filling large volumes of prescriptions. These pharmacists may have no/basic horse knowledge. As equine veterinarians, we understand the needs of the sport horse as we are out there treating them on a daily basis. Whether your Grand Prix jumper needs some gastrogard to travel, or your beloved retired Eventer needs some Prascend to fight Cushing’s disease, we are here with you every trot step of the way!

For those showing we provide the latest rules and regulations to be sure you’re not in violation. For trainers, we provide specific support to make sure you have all the right medications and understanding to keep you successful.