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December 29, 2017

Introduction to Sporthorsemeds / First Blog was started with the idea to provide quality medical products (at a reasonable cost) in addition to a resource center that the equestrian can rely on. When completed, the website will contain a wealth of information on horse diseases, illness and injury. We want to provide the horse owner with not only the medications/supplies they need, but also the knowledge and techniques needed to treat their horses. This is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s support and guidance, but to be another resource the horse owner can use to provide optimal care of their horse.

We have found that most online medical pharmacies are geared towards dogs and cats. They online pharmacies do not contain much information on the diseases they treat and the pharmacists do not have much experience and training with the medications that are being used in your sport horse. They seem to want to sell you as much product as possible without any experience to know if the product actually works! have 5 veterinarians on staff and 3 veterinary technicians with well over 100 years combined experience in the equine industry. We can pretty much answer any question you have regarding that can answer your sport horses care. Be it your back your backyard companion, dressage, horse, trail horse, hunter/jumper, gaited horse or cutting horse, we have experience with it all. We will have videos and guides on how to wrap bandages for wounds, how to clean your horses sheath, how to give your horse pills, how to feel for a pulse in your horse’s foot, how to check your horses vitals and when you need to contact your veterinarian. wants to work with you and your veterinarian provide the highest quality medications, supplements, medical products (such as bandages, wraps, blankets, boots….etc) and be a resource that the short horse owner can use to understand why your veterinarian recommends the treatments plan s/he does, such as prp vs irap vs shockwave, legend vs adequan…. Oral vs injectable joint supplements, etc…… it will take a while to build the resource library, but we think it will be a great resource in the end.

We want to support trainers too…….We want to be a resource and supplier for all your sport/show horse needs. We will have discount incentives for trainers that take care of large barn if they register their client’s horses with and for ordering medications and supplements via our website. Trainers registered on the site will receive complimentary shipping to any show in the contiguous United States.

We built this website for the caring equestrian, in particular the performance horse, and want it to be a resource that your can use to provide the best care possible. We have access to over 10,000 health care products and want to do the best to supply what you need. Please feel free to comment and tell us what YOU want to available on our site that you may have trouble finding. Thanks!!!!