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March 2, 2018

Nine Ways To Provide Proper Foot Care for the Spring

Welcome mud season! As winter coats get slicked off, don’t neglect your horse’s feet. Winter shoes plus mud = thrush and abscesses.

9 Best ways to keep your horse’s feet in tip-top shape

  1. Pick out feet twice daily, preferably right after the stall has been cleaned and right after they come in from turn-out. For outdoor horses, twice daily, just like brushing your teeth!
  2. Trim hair along the coronary band so this area can be bathed and dried easily.
  3. Have your farrier trim the frog to make it easier to pick out the foot.
  4. Treat thrush immediately with products like Kopertox and Thrush Buster. Deep sulci can be packed with Mal-a-Ket wipes and Penicillin ointments like Dry Clox.
  5. If your horse lives outside, create a clean area with mats where they like to eat or nap to get them out of the mud for a few hours a day.
  6. Extra shavings in the stall can help dry out the feet. Shredded paper works great, while sawdust tends to trap moisture in the foot.
  7. Abscesses can come on quickly. Make sure you have a ready supply of Epsom salts, a low rubber feed tub or soaking boot, diapers, vetwrap and duct tape. Animlintex Poultice Pad Sheet or Pre-cut Pads work well to provide a long acting soak for uncooperative horses or busy owners!
  8. Magnapaste and Icthammol help harden the foot post-abscess. Magic cushion provides some pain relief and soft support.
  9. Keep manure piles out of paddocks to decrease ground bacteria. 9 Ways to